Scenic Spots to Visit in Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart is surrounded by large wine-growing regions, and there are lots of scenic spots that the traveler will find in this place. Apart from its acclaimed opera, ballet, and philharmonic charms, automobile fans can visit the acclaimed Mercedes Benz Museum. The truth is that there’s more green space rather than urban sprawl when you visit this festival-friendly city. Stuttgart is home to the largest zoo and botanical garden in Europe, the Wilhelma.

If you wish to view one of Germany’s oldest structures that is believed to exist since the Stone Age, it’s best that you visit WŸrttembergisches Landesmuseum. Buses and subway rides are available on a daily basis so this particular area is accessible for visitors. On the other hand, if you are a wine enthusiast, a classic car fanatic or a cultural buff, you’ll surely find something to adore and love when you visit Stuttgart.

Stuttgart’s location is probably one of the reasons why millions of people pass by through this part of the globe. It’s located in the southwestern part of Germany, and between Paris and Munich. It’s a place that’s absolutely packed with a wide array of attractions that open into a refreshingly green and bio-diversified city. The industrial Mecca is popular for being the home to some of the most well-known fashion designers, cultural troupes and automakers in Germany.

Altes Schloss. This place is also known as Old Castle. Much of Stuttgart’s history revolves around the Württemberg line of dukes that ruled the countryside from the palaces in the City. Altes Schloss was constructed in 1320. Over centuries, the Old Castle expanded together with the family’s fortune. If you go inside the castle, you’ll see many historical artifacts and some of these items even date back to the Neolithic period.

Birkenkopf. Sixty percent of Stuttgart was damaged during World War 2 but through massive reconstruction, the debris and rubbles were cleared and literally funneled straight to Birkenkopf. It’s a hill outside city and it served as a repository of the wreckage. If you want to get a sweeping view of the city as well as the countryside, all you have to do is to walk to the topmost part of the hill.

Fernsehturm. This 712-foot television tower is definitely one of a kind. If you wish to get a good sense of visiting Stuttgart as well as its vine-covered surroundings, it’s best to take the trip to this sharply pointed structure that’s popularly called the reminiscent of the Seattle Space Needle. Tourists can easily take a good 360-degree view of the city and other nearby areas on top of Fernsehturm.


Best Tourist Spots in Germany

Since the reunification of Germany, this country gained an excellent higher profile as a tourist destination. Berlin is considered by many as one of the best and most fascinating capital cities in Europe. Many of this country’s major cities possess a proud history being an independent city and they’re packed with the finest views. However, the tourist spots in Germany are not limited to its cities. Great attractions and one of a kind sites can be found in all parts of the country.

Burgermesiter. This is the haven for fast food lovers where you can find the best cheeseburgers in town. The Burgermeister is a century old place which used to be a toilet and was eventually transformed into a burger joint. It is found on a traffic island, just beneath the elevated U-Bahn tracks. The burger joint is popular for its plump and rick all-beef patties and is accordingly best paired with French fries with home-made dips like mango curry and peanut.

Kunsthaus Tacheles. After the great fall of the Berlin Wall, the Kuntsthaus Tacheles in Oranienburger Strasse has permanently become a fixture that continuously draws tourist and local to its cultural venues, galleries, beer garden and bizarre sculptures. Although the past years it has been observed how the place has gradually lost its anarchic edge, this historic place has still remained one of the very few places of alternative spirits in a place that is heavily gentrified.

The Brandenburg Gate. This is one of the few interesting tourist spots in Germany that symbolizes the division of the country during the Cold War. Now, this interesting tourist destination, which was designed by Carl Gotthard LAnghans in 1791, is an epitome of the German reunification.

The Rügen Cliffs. This is one of the best things that Mother Nature can provide. These cliffs are located in the northeastern part of Rugen Island, and within the Jasmund National Park. Despite constant soil erosion, this chalk cliff remains towering high above the Baltic Seas. The Königsstuhl, which literally means “king’s chair” is known as the most majestic portion of these cliffs. Königsstuhl measures 118 meters or 387 feet in height. Take note that the undisturbed forest behind these cliffs are likewise included as part of Jasmund national park.

The Church of Our Lady or commonly known as Frauenkirche. This Lutheran church is located in Dresden. It was completely ruined during world war 2, but was reconstructed using its original plan. Construction began in 1720 and was finally reopened in 2005. The dome of this church has a golden cross which was donated by the city of Coventry. Since its reopening, this church has been one of the most popular tourist spots in Germany.

Memorable Things to do in Germany

Germany has lots of diverse, natural landscapes that are merely waiting to be explored. When you decide to set foot to this place, be prepared to enjoy the spectacular view from the mountain top of homes with red roof tiles. The following are some of the most memorable things to do in Germany:

Travel with Deusche Bahn. One of Germany’s national features is their railway system. For a number of years, Germany has invested the best railways systems, thus they have the most highly-developed railway networks today. When in Germany, travel with Deutsche Bahn (DB). Although the travel is easy, the rate is not that affordable. Normally ticket prices range from 6 to 100 Euros per route, but this depends on the train type you prefer and the distance you will travel. One option to save is to buy a monthly ticket. They also have special weekend offers where students, tourists and workers get to enjoy free rides.

Experience Mitfahren. This is a popular special service not only in Germany but in some parts of Europe as well. When traveling around the country with a limited budget, Mitfahren is probably the cheapest way to do so. Although some people don’t find it safe and convenient to get into someone else’s car and travel with strangers, generally Mitfahren is safe and if you try to look at it on the lighter side, it can be one great adventure and challenge.

Visit a Brewery. When you hear “Germany”, you might probably directly associate the country with beer and sausages. Not far from the truth, people in Germany are proud not only with their beer but also with their drinking habits. Germans can drink everywhere- on the street, in the train, for hours! If you try to ask younger Germans, they will tell you that beer doesn’t count as a type of alcoholic beverage in their country. Because the brewery is part of Germany’s national culture, it is important that you be very keen in ordering the kind of beer you want. If you are in Bremen, go for “Beck’s”, but in Cologne, try “Koelsch”.

Enjoy a Football Match. Next to beer and sausages, football is the next association of Germany. You can find hundreds and thousands of loyal football fans in Germany. If you wish to have an experience of a lifetime in Germany, watch a football match ‘live’. Not only do you get to have fun with the match itself. The good and warm atmosphere that lasts the whole day, the singing and cheering of avid fans, and the party that goes on and on until night—these are just some things you get to experience when you watch a live football game in Germany.

Interesting Things to Do in Germany

After Germany’s reunification, the country still is far less well understood and known by foreign nationals except in some other people from the European countries. However over the years, Germany is fast become a travel destination. Berlin is perhaps the most popular tourist spots and considered as one of the most amazing European capitals. But aside from touring cities in the country, what other interesting things can you do in Germany?

Eat Doenner Kebab. Although not a traditional food, Doenner Kebab can still be found in Germany. With as little as 3 Euros, this food is practically the cheapest meal you can find across the city centers in Germany. International students love it not only because of its fair price but also these doenner kebabs are different from the traditional German foods.

Visit a Turkish Neighborhood. Aside from eating Doenner Kebab which is a Turkish food, going for a visit in a Turkish neighborhood is a must. You can find a sumptuous array of food and cheap things from different shops. Around the Turkish Arab neighborhoods, you can also find the best ice-cream to hit it big in town. Generally, you are at the right place if you are wanting to buy some cheap souvenirs, although be reminded that quality-wise, you really can’t have the best products.

Boat-ride Sightseeing. If you wish to see and tour a certain time but you really don’t have the luxury of time to do it, boat-ride sightseeing is the solution. You can see the whole town in just a day. What is great about this is that these sightseeing cruises are generally affordable, but the experience you get is just unforgettable. Take boat rides along the Rheine River in Bonn, or the Spree in Berlin while you enjoy your cold coffee and feel the warm breeze. Now that’s a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday morning!

Germany is known to many as a nation that is full of history, medieval towns, art, city high life, culture and surprises. With the economy stretching everyone’s penny like a rubber until it bursts, Germany certainly provides tourists with the most bang for their hard earned cash.

Affordable overnight accommodations are available unlike other large European cities. Comparative studies show that the hotel rates including prices for food and drinks in different bars and restaurants in Germany is a lot lower. In addition to this, Germany offers year-round events or activities. No matter what kind of travel activity you enjoy most, there are numerous seasonal activities here that will meet your needs.